Seven reasons why driving in Macon is terrifying

1. Wheel shattering potholes

Potholes are dotted all over the roads of Macon. The intersection of Pio Nono Avenue and Eisenhower Parkway arguably being the most notorious for being a minefield of potholes. Let your guard down and you might end up with a busted tire and a shattered spine.


2. Confusing street layout

Most new cities are laid out like a grid, which makes navigating easy, organized, fast and efficient. Macon, incorporated in 1823, is laid out more like the human venous system. It’s full of sudden curves, splits, merges and branches. This makes driving in Macon extra baffling.


3. Confusing street names

To make life just a bit harder for drivers, roads in Macon change names out of nowhere. As seen below, Poplar Street suddenly changes into Hardeman Avenue within one mile. Poplar Street’s sudden morph is forgivable compared to Ash Street, which then becomes Coleman Avenue, which then becomes Napier Avenue, all within two miles. Inconsistencies on street names can be seen throughout the whole city, making navigation just that much more difficult to those unfamiliar with the area.

via Google Maps

4. Drivers who drive like this:

There are all kinds of drivers on the roads of America. Drivers who seem to be populating the streets of Macon either drive so fast and aggressive that they would give racing drivers a run for their money, or they drive so slow and haphazard that they turn you into a racing driver. This makes driving in the streets of Macon a hair-raising experience, which may sound exciting at first, but it does get old real quick.  


5. Which ends up causing this:


According to the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, Macon-Bibb County had the eighth highest traffic-related fatalities in the state in 2016. Two percent of all traffic-related fatalities occurred in Macon-Bibb County. 

6. Downtown parking

If only it was that easy. Parallel parking is a daunting prospect, no matter the level of skill a driver has. But to do it in downtown Macon where people like to fly down those streets or look at the queue build up and people get more and more irritated as you attempt for the 17th time to fit into that spot, it’s just too much. But street parking also becomes much scarier when you’re just driving along, as one wrong flick of the wrist can lead to a disastrous accident. Oh, and trying to find a spot is impossible on the weekend.


7. I-75 and I-16 split

The I-75 and I-16 split is under construction. Both interstates are major highways, meaning they are full of enormous semi-trucks. Find yourself here at the wrong time, and you may find yourself wrestling for space with trucks all around you. This makes this section of the highway a scary and unpleasant driving experience.

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