Top 5: The Book was Better

It’s typical of people to be more critical of movies and shows based on books than they normally would have otherwise. Sometimes it’s with good reason. This a list of the top five books that were poorly made when transferred to screen.

1. “Shadowhunters”

Cassandra Clare’s best-selling series “The Mortal Instruments” was made into a show on Freeform in 2016 and it only went from bad to worse. Only two people in the whole cast had talent as an actor, and they weren’t even the main two characters.

Them giving the New York Institute, a place of protection and solace for shadowhunters, all sorts of ridiculous high-tech equipment wasn’t even the worst of it. In the book, witchlight and candelabras were its main source of light. Shadowhunters were not supposed to use human technology. Their government forbids it.

They also made up a rune that didn’t exist and only used the bare basics of books plot-line. The main character Jace was changed from a guy who was extremely sarcastic and witty to someone far too serious.


2. “Twilight”

“Twilight”, the first book in a series by Stephanie Meyers, became a movie in 2008. This was another example of poor acting and horrible special effects. Kristen Stewart, who played the main character Bella, was cringe-worthy with her subpar acting and lack of facial expressions.

Of course, the relationship in the book was unhealthy to being with, but somehow seeing in on-screen really made those creepy moments even worse. The watching Bella sleep scene, in particular, was slightly horrifying to watch.


3. “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children”

Here was a movie that had every potential to be fantastic. There was good acting and impressive special effects. However, they changed the ages of the characters, made up an entirely different ending, and gave Emma the wrong peculiarity.

Emma was no longer an independent, strong female character who controlled fire. No, instead they turned her into a girl full of air, dependant on Jacob and others to keep her from floating away when she’s outside.


4. “Inkheart”

A man who can read characters straight off the page of a book into the real world. The book is well written and creative. It’s so popular it was translated into 37 languages. Something was just lacking when it transferred it to the big screen. The movie came out in 2008 with Brendan Fraser playing Mo, the father who can read characters out of books.

The characters and storyline just don’t capture the audience the way they do in the books. You would have to read the books to fully get what’s going on. They focus on the magic and excitement more than truly explaining the storyline. It was such an amazing world Cornelia Funke created, only for it to turn lackluster when seeing the movie.


5. “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2”

This was the ending of an amazing story by J.K Rowling. Some things have to be edited out of the story when making a 636-page book into a movie unless you want it to be five hours long. That’s understandable.

Why was changing the end of the Hogwarts battle necessary, though? Harry and Voldemort fighting alone in the courtyard and the latter exploding into a million pieces. He was meant to die with a “mundane finality” to show that Tom Riddle was truly just a man, no matter how hard he tried to be some all-powerful Lord.

Riddle renamed himself, Lord Voldemort, when he reached adulthood, an anagram of his birth name. However, he was still just a man who hated his half-blood status, feared death and had a thirst for power. Dangerous he may have been, but he was a man all the same. The movie should have shown that by keeping the book version of his death.


If you’re ever tempted to watch these movies or shows, don’t. Pick up the book instead.