Roadwork Causes Unexpected Problems In Macon

While roadwork in Macon has been a subject that draws the ire of many people traveling around as well as through the city, an oftentimes overlooked issue caused by roadwork is the impact it has on the accessibility of sidewalks.

There are small but relevant ways in which road work impacts those living in Macon, from cyclists trying to get through a busy intersection to those simply on their way to the nearest bus stop.

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A “Sidewalk Closed” sign beside the McDonald’s on Northh Avenue marks the end of the sidewalk for that side of the road. The nearest accessible crosswalk is a several minute walk back towards the Kroger. Or, pedestrians can choose to cross up to six lanes of traffic on their own, without a crosswalk or signal.


Some Macon residents choose to risk the walk across the busy road instead of heading in the oposite direction just to reach the sidewalk.
“I don’t have much of a problem but I can see how someone who walks a little slower might,” said Mary Smith, who had just crossed the road on her way to the bus stop.

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An abandoned sign serves as a reminder that this corner of the road is a common spot for some homeless maconites to ask for help. The sign reads, “I am ashamed of being forced to beg to survive but social security has put me thru hell for my wait hoeless hungry what are options very depressing”. Without the sidewalk, they must decide if the reward is worth the risk.


There are also Macon residents who chose to ignore the signs. A pedestrian is shown after continuing through the roadwork in the rain. Photo credit: Angel Colquitt


A sidewalk already littered with obstacles can become all the more frustrating when pedestrians are forced to find alternative routes to their usual routines.


A bus stop surrounded by traffic cones shows who is most impacted by road work, those who use public transportation.