DJ Sledge takes over Macon

Tyler Sledge, otherwise known as DJ Sledge, is a senior at Mercer University and has been DJing for about a year and half. Since the start of his journey in August of 2019, DJ Sledge has DJed for around 30 different functions in Macon. He has DJed at a variety of events such as probates, pageants, fashion shows, semi formals, and socials. One of his bigger events in Macon was DJing for the Middle Georgia NPHC (National Pan-Hellenic Council) Cook Out last September, which took place in Tatnall Park in Macon. DJ Sledge has really enjoyed DJing at different places in downtown Macon, such as The Bull. Follow him on Instagram to see when his next event will be @djsledge.wav


"Being a DJ is like trying to choreograph a live audience, who you've never met before, for several hours. You have to predict the songs that they didn't know they wanted to hear and then mix them cleanly," Sledge said, "You honestly have to be more than just a 'DJ,' you need to be a social media influencer, content creator, AV technician, event planner, marketing expert, photographer and videographer. So I try to attempt this outside of my classes and my day job."


DJ Sledge says that he has two favorite parts about being a DJ. "First, it's really satisfying to be able to help people run their events. It saves so much time, money and planning to offer a little a bit of help with setting up AV equipment," Sledge said, "Second, when I DJ for parties, it's so satisfying seeing everyone happy and excited, otherwise losing their minds, after mixing in that song or those 20 songs they've been waiting to hear."


"My family thinks that it is a very rewarding hobby as long as I don't let it get in the way school. I have DJed a couple events for my family and it's definitely a lot easier having me DJ instead of paying someone else or just using a Spotify playlist at a family event," Sledge said. "Also, they like how it's one of the best side hustles for college students so it has made me a lot more financially independent."


DJ Sledge talks about his plans with DJing after graduation. "After I graduate, I would like to continue DJing. Ideally, I would want to find a nightclub I could DJ for on weekend nights," Sledge said, "Someplace not far from where I work my day job/career. I'd also like to find ways I can improve my DJing using Artifical Intelligence so that it's less work for me going forward."


DJ Sledge uses Rekordbox DJ as his software to compile all his music. He currently has about 1250 songs of all sorts of genres downloaded. DJ Sledge also adds that he doesn't DJ for the money. "Don't get me wrong it definitely helps out a lot but my goal is to offer the best experience for my client or an audience," Sledge said, "You could be the best paid DJ in the world but, you could also be trash. I'd rather be good. And I really use about 25-75% of the extra income on buying better equipment."


DJ Sledge uses a hard drive to store all of his music. The one he owns has two terabytes worth of storage. He says that he personally spends an incredible amount of time putting together music for different events.


This is a graphic of DJ Sledge’s name, which a friend of his created. He got his interest at the Bearstock Night After Dark Event when DJ Gazzo came to be featured at Mercer. DJ Sledge wanted to do a better job and this was the start of his DJ journey.


DJ Sledge is majoring in Computer Science, while minoring in Physics and Mathematics. He has a plan to graduate in December 2020 and lives in Smyrna, Georgia.